TerraLogos is a unique architecture and sustainable design firm committed to create enduring and delightful work that integrates natural systems, builds community and inspires change for ourselves and future generations. Our ultimate goal is to inspire our clients and others to build upon the best ideas in sustainability so that the places in which we work and live generate joy, connection and a restoration of our communities, the environment and ourselves.

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Current TerraLogos Events

For the past 12 months, Kim has been chairing the Design Committee of the Friends of Library Square and working on the Revitalization Plan for this small potential gem of a park in East Baltimore. Read more about this project >>

Check out the Plan, get involved and join this diverse, multi-generational effort to grow a greener and healthier park right in our neighborhood.

The TerraLogos office will be closed all of July through August 5, 2014 for a much needed mini-sabbatical.  Please feel free to email us at info@terralogos.com should you need assistance or wish to schedule an interview in August.  Thank you and have a wonderful summer!